In the Pocket

enterprise  feature Photojournalists all have favorites. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of images are taken for sporting events, news and lifestyle stories, but the standalone images – the ones with no story other than what you read into the image – are my favorite. We call these enterprise photos, wild art, features. These are the slice-of-life images that happen between daily assignments. There are times when everything falls into place, you spot one of those magic moments and you’re ready to capture it. The little girl in the photo was playing with her dad at the statue of Fanny the Elephant at Slater Park in Pawtucket last year. They were laughing and having fun, but it was after I introduced myself and got their names, (for the paper) that I saw this shot as they turned to walk away. The little doll head was peeking out of the dad’s pocket. I took two very quick frames and that was it. It’s the quirkiness of the image that still makes me smile.

copyright 2014  Kris Craig/ The Providence Journal


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