River Talk


I have have loved the big, shiny, jagged edged, donut shaped sculpture along the Providence Riverwalk on South Water St. since first seeing it as one of the many art works that were introduced during the Convergence Arts Festival sculpture exhibit in 2002. The hard colorless piece settled in wickedly sharp contrast to green grasses surrounding it and the fluid flowing river behind it. I’ve watched people admire the sculpture but only gingerly touch the metal surfaces for fear of edges that could cut or scratch or even cause a tip that would roll the sculpture away. It was something to see Andrea Sassenrath (left) and Antonia Piccone, both Brown University students taking a running break and using artist Rob Lorenson’s brilliantly, beautiful sculpture “Textured Gear” as resting place to catch their breath. Antonia comfortably sitting on a jagged edge inside the sculpted metal ring and Andrea framed by it. I’d never seen anyone so at ease with it, so at home, it’s sharp edges not looking quite so sharp and truly making the work of art a part of the Providence landscape.

Copyright 2013 Kris Craig / Providence Journal


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