Turf Surf


The Zen proverb “Sitting quietly, doing nothing, spring comes, and the grass grows by itself. Words of wisdom unless you happen to be a family owned turf farm in the village of West Kington RI. In 1967, turf farm owner, Brian Bouchard, started transforming the 300 acres of his dad and uncles’ commercial potato business into Kingston Turf farms when the market for potatoes moved out west to Idaho. The family owned and operated turf business is still run by Brian and his sons. Automation has made the harvesting of lush green sod, cut, rolled and stacked in 10 sq. ft. pieces now just a two person job but much of the company’s business is still done in the 250ft sq. ft. “Big Rolls” like the ones here loaded on a truck for delivery.

Copyright 2013 Kris Craig / Providence Journal


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